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Client Testimonials

My day with Jane doing one of the Equine Assisted Therapy Australia Programs was heart opening, nourishing and empowering. Jane held a safe, authentic, welcoming and warm space. Phoenix (her horse) did too. He taught me a great deal in the time I spent with him. To be present! There was no chance of being anything but authentic and in the NOW with Phoenix, my surrounds and myself. I highly recommend an Equine Assisted Therapy Australia Program for an enriching, life changing experience. Blessings.


I just wanted to thank you for a spectacular day last Friday. You provided a safe and positive environment for me to tap into my power, identify barriers to reaching my goals, and develop ways to overcome existing barriers in order to reach that place I want to be. It was an emotional day for me, as I knew it would be, as I connected with that inner place where my strength lies. It’s never been easy for me to focus, particularly when I’m surrounded by the beauty and wonder of nature.

Kas, Professional

I had such a wonderful experience at the Equine Assisted Therapy Australia Program. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, but felt so welcome from the beginning. It’s different to any development work I’ve done. I loved working with the horses and learning more about myself and working through some areas of my life that I felt a little stuck. The lunch was delicious too! Thanks, I look forward to doing another workshop soon!

Nell, Professional

Unique and Transformational!!!!! I attended the one-day workshop: Leadership and Stepping into Your Power. I was extremely impressed. Jane is an inspiring mentor/facilitator. The depth of her knowledge and her innate compassion nurtured me beyond a new way of thinking and allowed me to experience a new way of behaving. I avidly recommend Jane’s workshops; I can’t wait to do another one. Thank you Jane. In gratitude and warmth.

Carolyn, Mother, Nurse

I attended a weekend workshop with Zjamal Xanitha, not really knowing what to expect. I enjoyed the whole weekend! Zjamal is extremely knowledgeable and passionate in her teachings, she created a safe, supportive space for me to get curious, to experience and to explore somatic work. She was fun, lighthearted but also could cradle me to allow a full embodied experience. Incredibly interesting!

Catherine B