When is Enough, Enough?

Christmas is approaching and I want to change the way that my children perceive Christmas. I don’t want it to be a gift-receiving extravaganza that is all forgotten about 3 days later. So I am pondering what to do!

There are so many expectations around Christmas, presents, and feasts, catching up with people. Currently I’m overwhelmed just at the thought of it all!!

My dilemma is that my kids already have all that they need- they could still create a huge list of wants, don’t worry, but they don’t need for anything.

So I’m questioning how I make this Christmas special without spoiling them or wrecking havoc on the environment.

I want to raise my kids to look further than themselves and their wants, I want them to think of the impact their actions have on the world around them, the environment and other people’s lives. I want them to look beyond pretty packaging and question if they really need that pretty thing and if it is worth the price- financially, environmentally and health wise.

I’m not a strict parent and I don’t ram environmentalism or ethically sourced goods down their throat, however, I do want them to become aware and to be free of the consumerism driven nature that has engulfed our society.

It is liberating to walk into a shop and realize that you don’t need anything and that you can walk out empty handed and still be happy. This is what I want for my kids.

I want them to find value in themselves, their world and in the people around them. I want them to be able to draw on this value whenever they need to, not because the ads on TV or other people tell them.

So many of us look outside ourselves for value and worth, we try to find value and happiness in things and we can lose sense of who we are and what we need, which can leave us feeling empty and lost.

I remember as a kid we had one particularly lean Christmas; we got toothbrushes, hairbrushes and practical things like that. I remember being disappointed, however, it also taught me a lot about what Christmas was all about.

I realized it wasn’t the presents that I loved so much; it was the time I got to spend with my extended family. It was the only time of year that I got to see some of my cousins and I loved their company. I loved the feeling of being surrounded by family.

So this year I aim to keep it simple: about family and being around people you love.

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