Week 51

4.1 Diversity and cultural safety

There are no tasks to complete this week.

4.2 Mental Health and trauma informed care

Please read CHCMHS001- Work with people with mental health issues: Pages 57-94

Please complete practice tasks 10 – 15 and Learning checkpoint 3.

Please read The Beginners Guide to Counselling and Psychotherapy on professional issues in counselling: Pages 398- 409

Please take note of the safety card on page 407 for clients with suicidal ideation.

Please watch the below video on supporting people with mental health issues by clicking on the video or visiting: https://youtu.be/531ZPTvt9P0

4.3 Support individuals with autism spectrum disorder

There are no tasks to complete this week.

4.4 Design and develop treatment plans and programs for the delivery of equine assisted mental health for individuals with diverse requirements

Please read The horse leads the way: Pages 59-79

Study group questions:

How do we know when we have met a horses boundary- what might be some indications?

Why is it important to respect a horses boundaries and teach clients to do the same?