Hear from some of our delighted
clients and students

An opportunity to take time out of your life and spend time on you. Connect with yourself and uncover those hidden emotions that we tend to ignore or not have time for. I strongly recommend this program if you are seeking clarity and balance in your life. A great day and beautiful scenery.

Kate, Teacher

I arrived a total sceptic, with no idea what to expect and wondering if this was going to be a waste of time. I am leaving feeling exhilarated, I have a renewed sense of direction and purpose and I feel good about myself again. I loved being with the horses and can’t believe how much I got out of a few hours, thank you, I will be back.

Marie, Nurse

My time spent with Jane today has been empowering and allowed me the time to open my mind, body and soul to the universe. I feel I have been able to learn a lot about myself and that I am more aware of my surroundings and how I can live a life that completes me and the balance I so desire.

Alana, Professional, Gold Coast

I am really enjoying practicing different techniques with my horses. I have been around horses for a long time, but in this course I have learned to be a better listener, open hearted horsewoman and this has enabled and allowed my horses to connect with me on a much deeper and meaningful level.

I love how I am experiencing a better awareness of myself, my reactions and my interaction with others. Jane provides wonderful support during our in person workshops and creates a safe space in which I feel supported to learn, heal and connect with others.

Sabrina Stephens

It is difficult to describe in words the transformative experience I had working with Jane Faulkner. It deepened my connection to self and the beautiful horses she works with. Jane is very authentic and experienced in her work; she is a Master in her field! I experienced a deepened connection with myself and felt fully integrated and held. I took my power back, which is something, the horses brought to my awareness throughout the session. Jane’s groundedness and sensitivity combined with her skills as a therapist were perfect for me. Thank you Jane, I will always remember your support and the horses showing me who I really am and can be.

Dawn, Professional

My day with Jane doing one of the Equine Assisted Therapy Australia Programs was heart opening, nourishing and empowering. Jane held a safe, authentic, welcoming and warm space. Phoenix (her horse) did too. He taught me a great deal in the time I spent with him. To be present! There was no chance of being anything but authentic and in the NOW with Phoenix, my surrounds and myself. I highly recommend an Equine Assisted Therapy Australia Program for an enriching, life changing experience. Blessings.


Today was amazing, it was perfect, just the beginning I want to keep coming back- it was a sacred space, Thank you so much.


A very empowering experience and opened my eyes to myself. Highly recommend this experience with these amazing animals.

Rebekah, Professional

Beautiful day which feels very safe and supported. Amazing working with the horses. Thank you Jane for your calmness and presence.


I started this course with the intention to help others. I wanted to explore the therapeutic process that naturally occurs between humans and animals. And I wanted the skills help individuals on a deeper level, then just the adventure therapy I was already providing to others. What I didn’t know, is over the last 6 months of my degree, that my life would fall apart. And studying with Jane became less about helping others and more about healing myself. For the first time in my life I had the tools to pull myself out my intense grief. The insight to understand my own grieving process. The love and compassion to share my emotions without shame. The ability to be kind and gentle with myself on the very hard days. And a community of like-minded individuals who without knowing started their own healing journey.

Jennie Moore

I just wanted to thank you for a spectacular day last Friday. You provided a safe and positive environment for me to tap into my power, identify barriers to reaching my goals, and develop ways to overcome existing barriers in order to reach that place I want to be. It was an emotional day for me, as I knew it would be, as I connected with that inner place where my strength lies. It’s never been easy for me to focus, particularly when I’m surrounded by the beauty and wonder of nature.

Having experienced the power of the inner me, I will be continuing to do so as it is so calming and reconnecting and the benefits are amazing. That moment when I was able to ignore the world outside and focus on my breathing and my feet was so memorable.

I’ll never forget your precious horses and the wonderful care and hospitality you provided. Thank you so much.

Kas, Professional

I loved doing Jane’s course. It was packed full of experiential learning which I loved as this is the best way I take in new information – combining the counselling skills with horse skills was invaluable. The assessments also really helped embed what we worked through both in the workshops and online between workshops and I still read back over some of them when I feel like I need to re-cap on important points.

I would HIGHLY recommend Equine Assisted Therapy Australia as a training course as it is so hands on, combines the counselling diploma and the equine units, and has such a well-supported online component which helps to link learnings at the workshop with the online study.

Lisa Mills

I had such a wonderful experience at the Equine Assisted Therapy Australia Program. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, but felt so welcome from the beginning. It’s different to any development work I’ve done. I loved working with the horses and learning more about myself and working through some areas of my life that I felt a little stuck. The lunch was delicious too! Thanks, I look forward to doing another workshop soon!

Nell, Professional

Unique and Transformational!!!!! I attended the one-day workshop: Leadership and Stepping into Your Power. I was extremely impressed. Jane is an inspiring mentor/facilitator. The depth of her knowledge and her innate compassion nurtured me beyond a new way of thinking and allowed me to experience a new way of behaving. I avidly recommend Jane’s workshops; I can’t wait to do another one. Thank you Jane.

In gratitude and warmth.

Carolyn, Mother, Nurse

Sensational day, amongst a group of women who were immediately accepting, supportive and loving. More than I was expecting. I did not know I needed anything!!