Our Team - Lalania Tusa – Burrumunji

Our Team -Lalania Tusa – Burrumunji

Kuku Yalanji Traditional Owner and Descendant

Lalania Tusa is a contemporary Aboriginal Artist of the
Kuku Yalanji Tribe in the rainforest of Far North
Queensland.   Growing up on Kuku Yalanji country
Lalania has always felt a strong connection to the land
and enjoys translating traditional customs and
knowledge through a variety of techniques and art

Many of Lalania’s works are direct translations of
dreamtime stories passed down through the long line of
generations who have received special tools and
training from her ties to land and country.

Lalania’s intention is to immerse herself and other souls
in the sensitive space of cultural knowledge, awareness,
appreciation and connection to land and sea in order to
create a better understanding of First Nations cultural

All proceeds of the Artwork sold goes directly to
community and First Nations descendants.’