Teenage Empowerment Sessions

Empowered through connection

Do you want to become clearer about who you are?
Do you want to develop ways to support yourself when you feel out of control?
Would you like to feel more confident and learn more about you?
Do you want to try new things without being judged?
Do you often feel anxious or lost and unsure?

Today, teens are under more pressure than ever. From keeping up with work, school, and family obligations to the media’s assaults on body image, difficult relationships, and mental health issues – stress seems to come from all angles.

Teenage Empowerment sessions can make a real difference to teens searching for themselves amid the chaos.

Horses are powerful beings, and they are also beautiful and wise. Working closely with them and allowing them to provide nonjudgmental feedback on teens’ behaviors and attitudes can actually help teens to become aware of their beliefs about themselves and the world, their reactions and behaviors, and the habits they formed as a result.

Often, after working with the horses, teens find that they have natural abilities and strengths they were not aware they possessed. They can then use that newfound empowerment to regain agency in their lives and feel more relaxed, confident, and positive about their way forward in life. Teens develop self-regulation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques and learn to apply them to situations in their lives. The program assists them in working with their anxiety and depression, obsessive thoughts, or other issues. The teens have an opportunity to develop social skills by working as a team. They practice getting along with others, listening, self-advocacy, and they learn how to assert themselves in a diplomatic way.


The Teenage Empowerment sessions run over six weeks. Each session lasts 90 mins and involves working with the horses on the ground, learning new life skills, practicing mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, and much more.

Individual needs and goals are taken into account when placing participants, and we ensure that teens are in a group that is age appropriate and gender-specific, if requested.

If you can’t make it to the group or are unsure about how a group session might fit your needs, try a one-on-one session, and we can talk about the next Teenage Empowerment opportunity.

Dates and session times will be coordinated at time of booking.

These 90-minute sessions are held for 6 weeks at the Tallebudgera Valley facility.

The cost is $100.00 per teen per session a total of $600 for the 6 weeks.

For details about our next group, please enquire here or call 0404 787 162.