Group Sessions

Explore relationship and connection through group sessions

Groups provide a wonderful opportunity to explore what happens for you in relationships.

We are often wounded by others in relationships and groups can provide an opportunity to experience something different:

As humans, we are wired for connection, our nervous systems require safe relationships to learn how to regulate our emotions and to develop and grow capacity for this life.

In our groups we work hard to create a safe container to support your exploration of being in relationship with others, both humans and horses. We support you and other group members to work through the normal relationship issues that come up and to develop skills to communicate your needs, to be clear on your boundaries and to regulate yourself.

We support you to develop the capacity and skills to be in healthy relationship with yourself and with others.

We offer the following groups:

Adult Equine Assisted Mental Health Group Sessions

Teen Empowerment Sessions

Connecting Kids


Client Testimonials

For the first time in my life I had the tools to pull myself out my intense grief. The insight to understand my own grieving process. The love and compassion to share my emotions without shame. The ability to be kind and gentle with myself on the very hard days. And a community of like-minded individuals who without knowing started their own healing journey.

Jennie Moore

I love how I am experiencing a better awareness of myself, my reactions and my interaction with others. Jane provides wonderful support during our in person workshops and creates a safe space in which I feel supported to learn, heal and connect with others.

Sabrina Stephens

I arrived a total sceptic, with no idea what to expect and wondering if this was going to be a waste of time. I am leaving feeling exhilarated, I have a renewed sense of direction and purpose and I feel good about myself again. I loved being with the horses and can’t believe how much I got out of a few hours, thank you, I will be back.

Maria, Nurse