Embodied Awareness | 2 day workshop

Investment: $600 or $550 if booked before September 15th.

This 2 day workshop will introduce the important role of embodied awareness both for living and for being a therapist. We will experience how our embodied self is what creates authentic presence. We will cultivate a sophisticated level of embodiment, and through specific somatic modalities discover how deeply intelligent and responsive our bodies are in interaction. We will explore observing, facilitating, witnessing and resonating as embodied skills, and look diagnostically at the organisation of systems within a person. We will enrich the repertoire of how we make contact by embracing the many textures and rhythms of our different functional systems. The work is a synthesis of Gestalt, Somatic Practices, and Relational approaches. It draws upon the philosophical legacy of Phenomenology and the advances in Neurobiology that have influenced contemporary psychotherapy practice. The physiological knowledge is based on her honours degree in somatics and dance and further studies in somatic movement education from world wide leaders in the field. 

Modalities employed:
Movement practice, authentic movement, anatomical information, visual aids, demonstration, participatory experiential learning, facilitated touch, somatic movement explorations, application in personal process work and group process practice, examples of clinical issues and interventions.

Additional Info:
Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. All movement modalities will be inner directed, often with participants eyes closed, in a co-created environment of non judgemental safety.

No previous movement experience is necessary. Movement practices may happen in silence or with music, alone, partnered and with the whole group.

Embodied Awareness 2 Day Workshop

Embodied Awareness 2 Day Workshop