Christmas is approaching and I want to change the way that my children perceive Christmas. I don’t want it to be a gift-receiving extravaganza that

At Christmas time things can get hectic, it’s hot, shopping becomes crazy, traffic becomes very busy, there are often last-minute things to do and it

Christmas is just a few weeks away and everything is ramping up, the weather, the crowds, and stress levels!! So here are five ways to

The news this week has been heartbreaking; women being battered and killed, child abuse victims sharing their stories and the faces of Syrian refugees trying

When I began my parenting journey 11 years ago I was very idealistic, my son was not going to eat sugar or watch TV- I

Playing small involves you shrinking or making yourself less valuable, less worthy and less powerful. It is a tactic that many of us learn as

Many of us have all kinds of excuses about why we don’t look after ourselves. I notice that many of my clients put so much

Many of us are such givers, we give everything and some of us give so much that we start to lose ourselves! This trait is

Our personal values and beliefs have a powerful affect upon our lives. We often form our beliefs about our world and ourselves when we are