Motherhood is a journey of constant learning, letting go and creatively adjusting to what life brings you. As my children have grown I have watched

Teenagers, just the word is enough to strike fear and concern into many parents hearts. It’s a time when our children transition into adulthood and

Lately, I have noticed how much fear dictates my daily life, it shows up when I am practicing yoga- I’m scared I could hurt myself,

We can all be crippled by fear and doubt at some stage of our lives. It often occurs when something happens and we feel we

In my work with women certain themes stand out- it doesn’t matter who they are or what they do most women undervalue themselves, they take

Unfortunately, the parenting journey is full of opportunities to make mistakes and to feel like you are making a mess out of your kids, in

I have a healthy respect for anyone choosing to raise kids consciously in today’s world. In my experience to raise children consciously has required a

Yoga has supported and guided me throughout my adult life. It has helped me overcome health conditions, insecurities, stressful conditions and improved my perception and

If your family is anything like mine, your school routine will be out the window, you will all be a little holiday feral and the