By Jane Faulkner It is always important for me to continue learning and growing, both as a practitioner and as a trainer, as there is

By Jane Faulkner When my son was a pre-teen he started to develop all of the attitudes and resistances of a teenager. One of our

By Jane Faulkner Yoga has supported and guided me throughout my adult life. It has helped me overcome health conditions, insecurities, stressful conditions and improved

By Nicole Reilly I have a three-year-old daughter and one thing I’ve learnt about toddlers is that they will demand you listen to them, one

We believe in the power of equine assisted mental health. We have seen over and over again how beneficial and powerful this work is, it changes people’s lives for the better and supports them to develop skills to live fuller, healthier lives.

In one of our recent newsletters, I mentioned that we had been reading the latest book of Brene Brown’s called Atlas of the Heart. The entire premise of Brown’s new book is that language has the power to define our experiences.

Have you noticed how sensitive you are to other people’s attitudes, words and beliefs? How you can be feeling ok and then a conversation with

Boundaries, I remember when I first heard the word boundaries; I had no idea what they were, when I needed them or how to set

Be Something In today’s world there is so much pressure to be something or someone. We have forgotten the value of the ordinary; the everyday