6 Steps to Take Charge of Your Own Well-Being

Many of us have all kinds of excuses about why we don’t look after ourselves. I notice that many of my clients put so much pressure on themselves that they make it impossible to start or they start but they set such unreal expectations that they are unable to maintain the targets they set for themselves; so what to do:

  1. Treat yourself with respect and gentle loving kindness. If you beat yourself up and you are too hard on yourself- eventually you will rebel and retreat to the couch with a packet of chocolate. So be gentle!

  2. You are better to start in small maintainable chunks that you can achieve rather than epic missions you cannot stick with. If walking with the dog feels good over running for 20minutes on the treadmill, walk the dog you will be more motivated to do it next time and you will release more of the happy hormones that help motivate you to care for yourself.

  3. Get support! When we feel shame about something and we don’t talk about it, our feeling of shame and self-condemnation often grows. Tell your trusted friends and loved ones what you want for yourself- avoid talking about a size or an amount of kilos you want to lose, talk more about how you want to feel. ‘I want to feel good inside my skin and empowered about my life and myself.’ Is a great place to start!

  4. Create a structure. Set yourself up to succeed by creating a structure of when you will fit things in. Get clear on when you will move your body, have some stillness, create your nourishing meals etc. and commit to it. Create a menu for the week, have recipes you are going to use on hand, have the ingredients you need in the kitchen, remind yourself that change takes time and that it takes a while to learn a new way of being- remind yourself that you can ease in slowly.

  5. It is better to make one small change that you can maintain. Chose one thing that you will commit to, it might be drinking more water every day. Start there, maybe recruit a friend or a neighbour that also wants to change and support one another by exercising together.

  6. Be sustainable, have a look at your life and create a life that you love and that you can sustain. Working 70-hour weeks is unsustainable for your health and wellbeing. If this is you, really check out your life and make some sustainable changes, be realistic about what you want and about what really nourishes you!

Create a life that you love, only you have the power to do that!

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