2023 wrap up and exciting times ahead

By Jane Faulkner

It is always important for me to continue learning and growing, both as a practitioner and as a trainer, as there is always so much to discover. I had the privilege of attending a wonderful training session, Foundations in Pre-natal and Perinatal Dynamics, with the inspiring Kate White from the Centre for Pre and Perinatal Programs. This training deepened my understanding of how our birth impacts our nervous system and patterns throughout our life.

I also had the opportunity to attend the Polyvagal Equine Institute training in California. It was my first time in the States, and Dr. Rebecca Bailey and her husband Charles ensured that I felt welcome and comfortable during my stay. I thoroughly enjoyed this training and gained valuable insights from the PVEI team—Dr. Bailey, Jay, Margie, and their assistants.  

The day after my return from America, my son was in an accident. Fortunately, he has made an amazing recovery, but it meant three weeks in the hospital. I am proud of how he handled everything and continues to manage his recovery. The EATA team was truly amazing during this challenging time. Everyone stepped in, and I felt supported and grateful to be surrounded by such an incredible group of people. Thank you, Chris, Soph, Lorelle, Mandana, Camilla, Naomi, and everyone else who stepped forward to enable me to be with Jack in the hospital. It highlighted what a wonderful community the EATA community is.

Mastery of the Horse:

The EATA team held a stall and offered free equine-assisted mental health sessions at The Mastery of the Horse, providing a wonderful experience. Our goal was for people to experience the power of EAT and to answer any questions. Working with the Outback Spectacular horses was a real treat, and they all made fantastic partners in the therapeutic process. The MOTH team at Outback Spectacular created a special event, and we look forward to being a part of it again this year!


In October, a group of us headed to Chinchilla to offer free sessions to the local community. This was a rewarding experience with 12 different practitioners providing free sessions to over 28 clients. Working as a team throughout the three days, we learned from one another and enjoyed being surrounded by like-minded people passionate about the work.

Natural Lifemanship Conference:

In October, I flew back to the States to present at the Natural Lifemanship conference. This was a great experience; Tim and Bettina Jobe and their NL team were incredibly welcoming. I learned a lot at the conference and finally had the chance to meet people I admire in the EAT field, whom I had followed for many years.

Polyvagal Equine Institute:

After the NL conference, I flew back to California to stay with Dr. Rebecca Bailey. We are collaborating to create a comprehensive PVEI Practitioner training that will be delivered in Australia, the USA, the UK, and Europe. It has been a fun time creating the training, and I can’t wait to provide more details soon.

EATA Outlook for 2024:

In response to valuable student feedback, we’ve integrated new animal-assisted units into the existing Diploma of Counselling course. Furthermore, based on input expressing a desire for increased face-to-face interaction, we’ve extended the course duration to two years.

Our EAMH course is scheduled for March, and we’re excited to present additional offerings throughout the year. Look out for us at Equitana and the Mastery of the Horse, and we hope to meet you there.

This year, we are thrilled to host esteemed international figures, including Dr. Rebecca Bailey from PVEI, Jenn Pagone from Equid Nexus, and Sarah Schlote from Equusoma.

As we embark on 2024, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you. May the world find peace, and may we collectively support each other in striving to be our best selves.

This year, we are thrilled to host esteemed international figures, including Dr. Rebecca Bailey from PVEI, Jenn Pagone from Equid Nexus, and Sarah Schlote from Equusoma.

– Jane Faulkner, Author

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